Charlotte Hurst running down hill on road with bushes in background. Charlotte is wearing a red vest and black shorts

As I write this at the start of August. 2022, I can’t believe how quickly this year is rattling by. This makes me slightly nervous as I know the Marathon Des Sables is looming round the corner in April 2023.

After a busy ish month things have got serious…training has ramped up, my coach is piling the pressure on (which I need) and lots of things are planned over the next 3 or 4 months.

A 70 mile training week just gone, backed up by a couple of visits to the sand dunes this month will stack the miles up and build that all important resilience in my legs. In fact I head to the sand dunes tomorrow to complete over 30 miles under what will be a hot sun….all good preparation for the desert.

Charlotte Hurst running up hill she is wearing a blue vest and black shorts

On Sunday 4th September I will line up at the start of the Cheltenham half marathon in a bid to set a PB over the 13.1miles.

And, on the same day as the London Marathon on the 2nd October, I plan to hit the streets of Chester to complete the marathon distance there, aiming for another PB.

In mid-November I am entered in the Ultra-X Druids Challenge, which is a 3-day trail race, each day covering more than a marathon distance. Although the weather will be far from what the Sahara desert will throw at us it will be an important race to gauge where I am in regards to that all-important resilience and endurance. And, let’s face it, the weather could be doing anything by then so having good equipment will be paramount.

Then it will be head down for the winter and hard training with very little going on, race-wise, until 2023, by which point the Marathon Des Sables in April will be approaching very swiftly indeed!